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Wedding and Engagement Photography as an Art Form

Too often we look past the art of taking a photograph, for example for a successful black and white photograph one must see not in color but in tones of Grey.   When I photograph an engagement session or a wedding session I see the finished product even before I frame the shot through my lens.   This enables me to get the right perspective,  lighting, and depth of field to create the finished product, to create the art.

Wedding and engagement photos are memories to be kept and shared for a lifetime.   At one point in time your children's children will be viewing them and those images will be telling the story of Your Love without the spoken word.

I hope that more and more clients feel the same way I do about these images and she got those professional photographers like myself that strive to produce these works of art for you.

I have opened my schedule to allow traveling to the Greater Philadelphia area New Jersey Delaware and Maryland as well as California Arizona Utah and of course here in Nevada.   The purpose of doing such  is to make myself more available to those specific clients that are looking for not just a simple photo but yet an image that tells story of their love.

Please feel free to visit my online presence at  and inquire about your event date and the opportunity to create art.

I hope to see you on the other side of my lens


Jim McGinnis


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