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HeadShot & Modeling Photography

Jim McGinnis is available for headshots as well as creating modeling portfolios.


Here is how to prepare.  Have a good night sleep before the session. When going to bed make sure you have a set of clothes pressed and ironed waiting for you to take in the morning. On the day, right before we start shooting we will have a little chat with nice cup of tea or coffee where I will find out the specifics of what you need and what these headshots will be used for, so I can tailor our shoot to match your needs.I will start our shoot in the studio and if the weather or light permits we can go outside and do some natural light shots. During the shoot I will be giving you directions concerning the character I would like to see from you. For example I can say, let's go for a determined, focused look or a kind thoughtful doctor or a romantic lead etc. We will go with the flow to get a nice range of shots. Also, importantly, during the shoot I will be showing you results of what I'm doing so you can see our progress. Depending on your headshot package, the duration of the shoot will vary as will the amount of images and looks (clothes changes).At the end of the shoot I will lightly airbrush and touch up all the images and make you a DVD with all images taken in high resolution to take home (usuall within 24 hours). So, thanks for reading, hope it was some help and looking forward to meeting you!


Common questions and answers!

- Headshot studio location is in Las Vegas NV & outside Jaco, Costa Rica

- Do you shoot on film or digital?
- All images will be taken with professional digital camera.

- How & When will I get my pictures?
- Finished product within 24 hours on DVD

- Do you shoot on weekends?
- Yes I do, at no extra charge.

- What should I bring to the shoot?

      Black and a white shirt
      Black and a white t-shirt/top ('V' and 'round' neck)
      Black dress (for girls)
      Black 'V' and 'round' jumper.
      Turtle neck jumper
      A few coloured tops that match the colour of your eyes.
      (Please avoid bringing grey garments and garments with print or pattern as it will       distract the viewer from the main focus of your headshot: your eyes.)

- Under what name should I credit you?
- All Headshots must be credited as by "Jim McGinnis | Photographer"

- How do I pay?
- You will be asked to pay by cash or paypal

- Can I order more retouched images later?
- Yes of course, I charge 25 per one extra retouched image, payable online.

- How do I book a session?
- To book a session or for any other enquiry please fill out the form below


Sincerely yours,


Jim McGinnis




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